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Booked at The Working Actor Group

We are committed to creating a space that EMPOWERS and SUPPORTS the growth and education of ARTISTS, from curious to advanced, and fosters CREATIVITY, DIVERSITY, and COLLABORATION.

We are a small group of working Film & TV actors who all thrive off of collaborating with other actors, both new and experienced, to help elevate your auditions, headshots and career. 

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Our Teaching Approach

We're COMMITTED to bringing informative, applicable, and PRACTICAL ways to help you grow as an actor. With a focus on feeling NATURAL and GROUNDED, we pull from a number of techniques to help you find your TRUTH and connection to the material.

"Wes and Lauren. I want to thank you so much for helping me with my on-camera work. I just booked my 1st guest star role!


I fully attribute my on-camera improvement to the help you two have provided me. I am over joyed and deeply grateful for your coaching and guidance! Thank you!

Erin S.

"Lauren and Meghan, you two are awesome! I was just put on First Refusal for this Commercial! 

I am on a roll at TWAG! Thanks for all you do."

John R.

Words from Happy Actors

I want to thank all of you at TWAG for everything that you have done for me. These past couple years have been so educational.

There have been so many eye opening experiences and so much growth... A big part of that is you  guys. Thank you so much!

Michele J.

The Working Actor Group classes and workshops are for educational purposes only and do not secure emloyment

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